Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alrighty then

So, haven't posted in a while. Been a shitty week, don't feel like going into details. But yeah, didn't do full workouts, but used the week to get starting weights (for the lifting) and band strengths.

Also, got this weeks weigh in and pictures. Took all the picture angles that the P90X program says to take at the beginning (had to take them myself in the mirror though, so not 100% correct, but eh). Also, decided to make another rule, I will only cut my hair every ten pounds lost until I reach my goal of 220 or less.

Weight - 274
Body Fat - 32%
Fat Mass - 88
Lean Mass - 186
Neck - 18"
Chest - 48"
Waist (naval) - 46.5"
Bicep - 18.5"
Forearm - 14"
Thigh - 28.5"
Calf - 18"

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