Saturday, July 17, 2010

So, need some help

One of my goals after I lose weight, and am capable of looking like I know what I am talking about, is to be a personal trainer. Not at like a gym, but to work for myself, going to clients houses, meeting them in the park; wherever works for the client, my schedule, and my clients goals.

However, while I actually do have a good amount of exercise and diet knowledge, it doesn't show. I lack good motivation and routinely fail at my attempts to lose weight, or keep it off. I fail to apply all that knowledge. I'm hoping that this blog will help to correct that problem.

In the meantime, I know to become a personal trainer, I need three things:
1. I need to lose the weight and look the part since a stranger more than likely wont believe that I know what I am talking about.

2. I need to get certified as a personal trainer. Not sure if this is required by CA state law to work as a personal trainer in the state, but regardless, not to many people are going to trust me to train them unless A, I look the part and B, am certified.

3. I need experience in training people. That's where you come in.

I'm turning to my friends, if any of you actually read this. I will offer anyone free training. Whether your goals be fat loss or muscle gain, such as body building, general health, etc. Laying out a plan for you to follow on your own. Meeting say once a week or less to walk you through exercises etc and then leaving you to your own devices the rest of the time. Or meeting multiple times a week to give you more hands on training and motivation.

What have you got to lose? Give me a try. Already have on person interested in training, starting Monday. Let me help you towards your goals. Give me a few weeks. If you don't like it or think I'm the equivalent to a quack, then 'fire' me and go out and shell out tons of money at a gym or personal trainer, but why not try the free option first :)

Note. I have a few pieces of equipment that are easily transferable and can be taken to sessions, but for when you are training alone, you have to have your own equipment or a membership. Those aren't required though. I will design your program based on the equipment you readily have available; whether it be your own body weight to the biggest, most advanced gym in the world.

So come on, what have you got to lose? It's free, that will never change. If your not doing anything, what your doing isn't working, or are already thinking of shelling out for an expensive trainer, why not give your friend a chance to gain experience and get yourself some free training?

So shoot me an e-mail, text, or call (first two preferred since I hate being on the phone more than necessary haha) and lets see what we can workout (no pun intended).

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